Savvysherpa, Inc.

We bridge the
business-academia gap.

There’s a gap between academic research and business. Professors and executives don’t speak the same language, and they live in different worlds. This is unfortunate, because they have so much to offer each other. Many brilliant academic discoveries fail to make the leap to real-world application. And many business ideas lack the critical review, analysis, and testing that would turn them into successful products.

We teamed up—entrepreneurs and researchers—to bridge this gap. Together, we take ideas from scholarly research and turn them into products that strengthen companies and improve lives.

When we start a new research project, we make sure we’re current with all the latest business and academic publications. (We don’t waste time reinventing the wheel.) We don’t just look at the obvious research, either. We have a multi-disciplinary approach, so we combine theory from different disciplines to solve problems in entirely new ways.

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