We’ve got research down to
a science.

When we enter into a research retainer, we start by learning as much as we can about our new partners. We want to understand our partners’ challenges and their strategic goals. We collaborate with them to identify areas of study that will be most beneficial to their company.

Once we’ve identified our initial research direction, we employ three primary tools:

  • Third-party research. We identify and synthesize the books, blogs, corporate communications, and academic journal articles that are relevant to our partners’ businesses.
  • Data science. We condition data, combine datasets, and analyze data with reliable statistical techniques. This process gives us novel insights into our partners’ businesses.
  • Rapid experimentation. We design and implement quick scientific experiments that produce reliable data. And we run these experiments without interfering with our partners’ operations.


Our business partners are also our research partners. We work with them to conduct experiments, and we continually share our results and conclusions. Our partners’ assets—including data, distribution channels, and business experience—are critical inputs to our work.

Partner to Research Engagement to Asset Prototyping and Development