Savvysherpa, Inc.

We prototype and develop
assets—off the grid.

Most institutions have a hard time innovating. Not because they lack talent, energy, or good ideas—but because they have rules and processes in place (to protect the existing business) that make it hard to do something new.

That’s why we became experts at field-testing new concepts “off the grid.” Our researchers and entrepreneurs team up to quickly prototype products or programs and test them outside normal channels. Because we’re working off the grid, we’re able to learn from our tests, quickly improve our prototypes, and rapidly retest. This allows us to develop commercially viable prototypes without disrupting existing businesses.

Of course, turning a promising prototype into a successful line of business requires capital and resources. Who makes this investment? Our partners have the option of making the investment on their own. But we frequently structure joint ventures in which we invest and build assets with our partners. Our contribution to these ventures can include product development and incubation. When needed, we can also develop distribution strategies, supporting business processes, and software platforms.


We turn great ideas into valuable assets.

Hands using a caliper to measure a metal part