How We Innovate

We bring together experts from a broad range of fields, including data science, psychology, biology, and behavioral economics. This collaboration gives us novel ideas about how to solve health-care problems. We then work within a rigorous framework for generating ideas, designing experiments to test those ideas, analyzing data, and iterating rapidly as we learn. This helps us to quickly identify the best ideas and then turn them into businesses that improve people’s health.

We expect our employees to have:

Integrity, respect for each other, and passion for their work. All successful companies rely on those core values. But what traits make us unique?

Assumption Challenging. We don’t accept conventional wisdom — we’re courageous enough to have a unique perspective.

Truth Seeking. We focus our energy on discovering new truths — not fine-tuning or scaling established ideas.

Agility. We stay agile to respond to changing circumstances and new information.

Quiet Competence. We don’t seek public recognition for our work.


Available Positions

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